Iphone 6 and 6Plus

I think iphone 6 is lucky to survive cause of its software and they way its hyped and advertised. Apart from this its nothing in terms of design. Specially the back looks so odd.
I still cant understand what is the reason showing stripes at the back. it may be aerials or signal boosters agreed but from a design perspective it does not go well with the look. In fact i feel it spoiled the looks.
The camera look odd between these lines bulging out as it a heat boil on the back of the body.

I dont know what made apple to make the edges curved with so much of radius, look at sony or nokia the device outer edges some what if not close meets the inner screens sharpness.  This has been iphone’s biggest drawback. I remember palm devices which had a neat curved inner screen and to balance it the outer body had the same radius of curves at the edges. How can apple ignore this for years. As a designer i prefer a body either to have sharp edges or have a smooth curve edges across. Look at our bodies do we see any sharp edges or look at good architectural building they never mix/compliment a structure with sharpe and curve edges together.

Well looks like still people like the brand thanks to the way its advertised.


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