Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Today is a sad feeling across Singapore. A great loss to this nation and the world i should say.
Even though i did know know much of him until today when i saw the news and went through his bio and was really impressed by him, his ideology and his leadership. A leader who has the skills to influence the people and the crowd. I am really touched by his work, his dedication, passion and his mission in transforming from a no land to a global land.

This morning i was glued to the TV set for almost 4 hours, watching him and his achievements, i felt really touched and also proud to see a man, who has changed so many lives in generations. He is a real hero who should be an examples for all the global leaders.

I was really touched by his press meet session ” on separation from Malaysia in 1965″ A strong leader showing his real feeling. Really i got no words and i feel to small for him.

I am sure that moving forward i will keep him during my tough times and also i believe that Singaporeans will follow his ideology and make him live in every part of Singapore to come.

May this great man of iron rest in peace and cherish in our lives.


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